Frequently asked questions

Restriction on sBux/NSFAS

1.       Can I purchase electronic accessories with my sBux voucher (eg. headphones,speakers and flashdrives)?

Unfortunately specific items are prohibited by NSFAS for purchase by sBux as they are not considered critical for studies.

Should the student provide a letter from the relevant finance department approving the purchase of an electronic accessory (like external drives), only then will the transaction be approved.  

Contact us by email to arrange such a transaction (info@esbuxstore.co.za)


2.       Can I purchase more than 1 bag with my sBux Voucher?

 NSFAS rules allow ONLY 1 bag per person/transaction.


3.       Can I purchase an umbrella with my sBux voucher?

Unfortunately umbrellas may not be purchased using sBux as this is also a restriction to merchants by NSFAS.

NSFAS will only allow specific items that are relevant and necessary.


4.       Can I sell my voucher in exchange for cash?

Based on the terms and conditions provided by NSFAS to the relevant merchants as well as on their Facebook Page merchants and students are not allowed to buy or sell vouchers as these vouchers are allocated for a specific purpose.

sBux have stated on their facebook page that , sBux T&C for use of vouchers state that they are non-assignable, non-transferrable, CANNOT be bought, sold , traded or exchanged for cash.

Generating sBux Voucher

5.       How do I generate my sBux voucher using my cellphone?   

FIRSTLY, you are required to use YOUR registered sim to access a sBux voucher.

Dial the FREE USSD CODE on your cellphone *134*176#

Then please enter YOUR password/pin as provided by NSFAS (you should have received this by sms)

Confirm your password and click on SEND

Select option 3 titled “VOUCHERS” by typing in 3

Confirm your selection, and click on SEND

A 13 digit number will appear on screen. This is the voucher number you will enter to purchase on our site.

NOTE: You will have to generate a new voucher after every successful transaction.


6.       How can I access my voucher without generating a USSD code/ without my cellphone?

Click here https://celbux.appspot.com/ to access the online sBux site

Then type in your REGISTERED cellphone number (the number NSFAS used to send you your pin)

Enter the password/pin provided to you by NSFAS

Click on “MORE”

Click on “VOUCHERS”

 A 13 digit number will appear on screen. This is the voucher number you will enter to purchase on our site.


7.       Can I use the same voucher twice?

Unfortunately once a voucher number has been used a new voucher HAS to be generated. This method is very similar to that of an airtime voucher

You do not have to use the full value of a voucher.


Items Purchased on sBux/NSFAS

8.       May I purchase a 2nd hand book with my sBux Voucher?

Unfortunately we do not offer 2nd hand books on sBux.

However our partner PRO VISIONS BOOKS can assist in selling your 2nd hand books , PRO VISIONS sells these books on behalf of students  charging a 15% commission

The balance is paid to the students when their books are sold T&C apply.

Refund Information

9.       Can a sBux transaction be cancelled/refunded?

Yes. The esBuxstore order can be cancelled before/prior to being released for delivery. The refund will be processed against the original transaction details and returned to the students sBux account.

The refund cannot be paid in cash/to any accounts according to sBux rules.


10.   How will the refund be verified?

After the refund has been processed you will be informed by the eSbuxStore finance officer.

You may then generate a new sBux voucher using the USSD code which will display the updated funds available.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

11.   Does the remainder of the sBux funds available on the Voucher, carry over to the next semester or year?

Unfortunately we are unable to confirm if funds are carried over as this is at the discretion of NSFAS.

You may contact NSFAS on 0860067327 for further information.

Alternatively you may visit their website for further details http://www.nsfas.org.za/content/sbuxmerchant.html


12.   How safe is the sBux system? 

Based on past experience, the sBux method of payment is safe and effective. However, it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that their password/pin is kept secure and NEVER shared.

sBux and esBuxStore cannot be held responsible for vouchers that are stolen or if you provide your pin to anyone else.


13.   Why do we do not allow students to access vouchers from our systems?

We do not allow access using our systems as it is a high risk to us as a merchant.

We also advise you not to use any public internet access (like Internet Cafe’s) to access your sBux account.